10 cowardly Republican U.S. Senators conspired with Democrats, passing another gun reform bill

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Sadly 10 cowardly Republican U.S. Senators conspired with Democrats to pass another gun reform bill. They call it being “bipartisan,” but I call it being bipolar, or bi something else.

It was these 10 Republican Representatives that recently voted to raise the age limit. And now, these 10 Republican Senators passed this gun-grabbing legislation.

Though I am opposed to both bills in their entirety, I will address a portion of the red flag law.

In part, the ‘red flag’ part of the bill dangerously deputizes others who may not like you, to make a claim having you flagged, and your guns and ammunition confiscated without a warrant. This reminds me of all too easy-to-execute 5150 holds, or the easy-to-get Emergency Protective Orders (aka EPO) in California.

This unconstitutional bill will undoubtedly create a new thought police force.

This bill also authorizes Caesar to continue his pimp and pandering, by offering States socialist financial incentives to implement communist red flag laws in their States. Tennessee, don’t do it.

For many reasons, back in 2008, I left the Republican party, and I’m so thankful for that conviction. As I recently warned on Twitter, “I will closely watch our Republican candidates within the reach of my vote. If any of them capitulate with the Democrats, even in the slightest toward more gun restrictions, they will not get my vote.”

And, as I’ve said for years, the tactic of having an unregistered firearm(s) and ammunition hidden at a clandestine location, other than your residence or place of business, is looking more necessary. Or, as the great late Charleton Heston said in his below speech – “From my cold dead hands!”

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