A 10 minute video on ‘What Is Sanctification?’ by Dr. John MacArthur (very encouraging)

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May I add my own personal thoughts.

The Doctrine of Sanctification is very important to me. I pray daily for more sanctification, and I also pray the same for specific Christians. Though salvation is monergistic, sanctification is synergistic (Holy Spirit willing). Though a Christian is saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, and there is nothing a sinner can do to merit salvation; but sanctification is somehow integrated into the order of salvation (ordo salutis). Therefore we must pray hard for sanctification, and pray often, we must practice personal discipline, as we continue to further submit to the Holy Spirit, and His Word of Life. But don’t you worry, glorification will come naturally and without effort.

But take heed. The more the Lord sanctifies you, the more the world will hate you (a good thing), but sadly some professing Christians will ridicule you.

Just today I saw a sister post a warning on her Facebook page, warning other professing Christians to not support nor listen to Oprah Winfrey. By Biblical definition, Winfrey is a false prophetess and heretic, and needs to be publicly rebuked. But other professing believers started belittling her. Brethren, when we see another believer grow in sanctification, we should rejoice and support them, not ridicule them.

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