A Lady Ham calling CQ mobile from Oregon – Ham Radio

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Hearing a Ham call CQ mobile on HF is not common for me, and since this was a ‘7’ station, I answered her call. After listening further, it’s clear Michelle (KI7PON) was working a ‘parks on the air’ event with her “YL” (Tim – KD7WD), whereas hams work High Frequency from either a portable rig in the park or mobile in their vehicle. Working HF in a vehicle can be challenging. One time when I had my Yaesu 991a in my vehicle while driving (truly mobile) I made a contact with a station in Japan. But due to the driving hazards that HF can cause while driving, I removed my rig from that Jeep; glad to hear Michelle (KI7PON) was parked in a park. And as I often do, I U.S. mailed her a Gospel tract, and a QSL card.

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