A must see scathing video of my dear friend Ronnie preaching at the historical Georgetown University

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This is excellent preaching from Brother Ronnie C, and I am honored to call him my personal friend and co-laborer in the Gospel. Ronnie is from So Calif, and we used to preach together (both in Calif and out of state), but the Lord has taken him on a multi-state tour, and he rarely comes back. As a missionary / evangelist, he either sleeps in his car, or lives on a roll-up mat in strangers’ homes. Unlike most of us, Ronnie has no paying job, and truly has to rely on the Lord for support to live on, day to day. Ronnie has been assaulted multiple times, and arrested many times for preaching the Gospel. In one case, the police gave him a fully nude strip search (a cavity search, and I’m not talking about looking for cavities in your teeth). The charges were for none other than ‘noise ordinances’ (aka preaching the Gospel).

I appreciate his rebuke of the man at time-stamp 1:28. It saddens me when I see some evangelists actually give the microphone to the hecklers (in hopes to “draw a crowd.”) Ronnie is not a negotiator, he is a herald of the Gospel. There is a time for ‘one on ones,’ but the preaching of the glorious Gospel must be the cornerstone of evangelism.

I appreciate what he said at time-stamp 3:20. “You need Christ, and you need Him now. God is not begging for anyone to accept him. Let’s make this real clear. God demands every ounce of your being. To be devoted to Him, in every thought Word and deed. He demands you because He’s Lord of all. And if you don’t seek Him as Lord, you’re gonna be tried for your treason; and that’s eternal death and hell-fire…”

That was a repudiation of the merely “accept Jesus” gospel. I used to have a Facebook friend that I’ve personally known for decades. Gregory P. is a police chaplain nearby. In nearly every one of my posts on my own page, Gregory P. would consistently add in comments “Just accept Jesus.” For his multiple attempts to indoctrinate my Facebook friends, Gregory was finally blocked, and excommunicated. That is an unbiblical soteriology that cannot be found in the Scriptures.

As I’ve said before, “Evangelism is not a ball game to see how many souls I can profess to win to Christ. Evangelism is a matter of eternal life, or eternal damnation. Only the Lord knows the heart, but in time we can examine the fruit.”

I say this to boast only in the cross and in Christ, but many lost sinners have been saved under Ronnie’s open-air preaching. Brother Ronnie (and Sean) thank you for being a faithful proclaimer of the Gospel. To God be the glory, and thanks be to God.

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