A must see scathing video on ‘Love not the world’

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I concur with the strong words used regarding several so called celebrity Christians. Straight up – worldliness is ungodliness, and those still of the world are going to be shocked when they give up their last breath of air.

Oh how so many are deceived by gracer pastors, and their “accept” Jesus, or “repeat this prayer” hog wash. Friday night while a brother and I evangelized, we saw many professed Christians enjoying worldliness. Either inside Hangar 24 bar, or the many professed Christians entering a nude bar that we also ministered outside.

Those buildings that we call “church” are filled with more false converts than we can imagine.

Repent – believe in and trust Jesus – obey the Gospel – share the Gospel – preach the Gospel – contend for the faith, – and endure to the end!

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