A must see seminar on ‘A Call for Discernment,’ by Justin Peters, M.Div., ThM (Sessions 1-3 Dangerous Doctrines, Mangled Manifestations, & The Hurt of Healing)

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Justin Peters, M.Div., ThM gave a comprehensive analysis of many false teachers, and their false teachings. Peter’s seminar is on the ‘Word of Faith’ movement, which includes various false doctrines. As he stated, some of these false doctrines have crepted into “conservative evangelical” churches.

This seminar was given four years ago. I cannot speak on behalf of Peters, but I imagine if he held another seminar today, he would most likely add a few more false teachers to this list (Sara Young, Beth Moore, and many more). Many evangelical pastors have allowed their ‘books’ and contemplative prayer to creep into their own churches.

This is well worth your time to watch. I am sure that the majority of the church will learn much from these three multimedia PowerPoint presentations.

For more videos by Justin Peters, M.Div., ThM click on his tag here.

Session 1 of 3 – Dangerous Doctrines

Session 2 of 3 – Mangled Manifestations

Session 3 of 3 – The Hurt of Healing

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