A must see sermon ‘The Invisible War,’ by Dr. Steven Lawson (preached from Job 1:6-12)

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The ‘prosperity’ and ‘word of faith’ false teachers teach that anytime a Christian man (or woman) suffers, that it is because of “sin in their life.” That is an unbiblical assessment.

Yes it is true that the Lord does chasten those whom He loves, and He does still punish Christians via various methods, including death. However the Lord also orchestrates serious hardships on the most Godly of men. Just read the book of Job.

In this video is the story of Job. Job was a Godly man, morally upright, and above reproach. Not only did he keep sin out of his life (1 Cor 10:13), furthermore he was even diligent in avoiding those various temptations to sin.

Nevertheless even knowing that Job did nothing to deserve losing everything in his life, as Dr. Steve Lawson stated, “Job is being singled-out by the sovereignty of God, to suffer because God deems him worthy to suffer for His name sake.”

Lawson added that, “Men the taller you stand in your faith for the Lord Jesus Christ, the more you and I will be singled-out in spiritual warfare by the Devil, under the sovereignty of God.”

God gave us the story of Job, as a demonstration as to how Christians are to respond to trials, tragedies, and persecutions, even all the way to our death.

Lawson also tells the story as to why he himself had stepped down from his pastoralship.

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