A MUST SEE video of Dr. Simone Gold Discussing what YOU Need to Know About the Current Covid Vaccines

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In December I made an amateur Podcast about how I came across America’s Frontline Doctors, and my purchase of the anti-parasitic agent called Ivermectin.

Today a brother from Church sent me the below video of a speech by Dr. Simone Gold.

It was medical malfeasance for our government to push the creation of an “experimental” vaccine for a new virus at “warp speed,” and then brag about how quickly they did it. And all without the proper clinical trials. Back in the day, we used monkeys and rats, today they use humans. Sadly, those who received the vaccine are the clinical trial.

Please watch, and prayerfully consider this valuable knowledge.

UPDATE: Within a few hours YouTube removed this video from my channel 🤣 Hence, I uploaded it onto my new Rumble account, and saved an mp3 file of the audio, which is on my own server below.


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