A must see video ‘A Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship prays at 3:20, asking the Pope Francis (via his doll) to pray with him

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We all fall short of Biblical prayer, but ‘church’ leaders should not be teaching otherwise.

A side note: As I’ve said before ‘nowhere in the Scriptures are we told to wait once a year to invite (or bring) the lost to a Harvest Crusade. But we are told to bring the crusade to them.

Another thought to ponder on. Just one proactive assertive open-air preacher reaches more people in one year, than one Harvest Crusade reaches in a year. And many of those open-air preachers preach (and teach) the whole counsel of the Word of God, as well as both the goodness and severity of God. And those street preachers do not solicit and spend MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars to do so. And most street preachers do not create false converts.

I have shed much grace, by not saying more.

Music by ‘Dogs of War,’ by Christopher Lennertz.

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