A sneak peek at my next sermon on Hebrews 6 (the apostasy), Dionne Warwick did NOT finish well

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I’m enjoying my journey through Hebrews 6, here’s a peak at verses 9-10.

In vs 9 Paul was admonishing them (and us) to press-on with things that matter. Specifically, “things that belong to salvation” (or sōtēria).

As stated in a previous sermon, for reasons of despair and desperateness, too many professing Christians want the church to preach another Gospel, the gospel of nationalism. They want to save our country, rather than the “the things that belong to sōtēria.”

The Salvation of Gods elect, and the safety of our own souls is the most important duty we are called to do as a church. In vs 10 he assures us that our Biblical labors of love will not go unnoticed, if it is Biblical, and if it’s for the saints of God.

Again, we’re not called to love the world, we’re called to serve and love each other (His Church). The hallmark of a true Christian, and a healthy church, is they will be active in kingdom building, and their labor of love for each other.

Some of us grew up listening to pop singer Dionne Warwick. I believe Warwick is a perfect example of the apostate this Text warns us of.

Warwick alleges to be a Christian, but is a leader of the sinister dark world of psychics, mediums, and necromancers. She is also an advocate and financer of the homosexual agenda (sounds like Disneyland). Today, in 2021, she’s known as the “Woke Queen,” and a “Queer Ally” (James 4:4-5).

She recently released a music video (below) signing her famous song “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.” In that video she promoted an unbiblical worldly sensual love that promotes universalism and homosexuality.

Folks, Dionne Warwick did not finish well, hence she’s exactly what verses 4-8 warns us about. That is why we need the “discernment” this passage speaks of.

What this world needs now, is not a social justice gospel, but they need Gods Law and His Gospel. And by God’s grace, I’ve stood inside the offices of psychics, mediums, and necromancers, to warn them of the wrath to come, while giving them His glorious Gospel. Interestingly, a former pastor of mine strongly rebuked me for doing just that.

You think I’m being too harsh? Too rough on the edges?

John Calvin said, “Spiritual love is regulated not by impulse, but by principle. Herein it differs from the backboneless amiability and affability of the flesh, and from the maudlin sentimentality of the day. “We hence conclude, that not only the reprobates ought to be reproved, severely, and with sharp earnestness, hut also the elect themselves, even those whom we deem to be children of God.”

UPDATE: The aforementioned sermon can be viewed here.

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