A speech on ‘Ethnic Gnosticism,’ by Dr. Voddie Baucham (a Founders Ministry event)

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Founders Ministry asked Voddie Baucham to speak on the phrase that he coined – Ethnic Gnosticism. It appeared at first that he wasn’t too thrilled to tackle this, but he did. As another person commented under this video – “Persons who live on soundbites are going to find this hard-listening.” But I’m glad I pressed-on, it was worth the time.

Too many are afraid to speak on subjects that might appear to be negative, or critical, but sin must be exposed and dealt with (Eph. 5:1-21). I appreciate how Voddie called-out Matt Chandler for what I call reverse racism. What he said about “quoting men” is so true, that’s why I often remove names, and will say “Another scholar said…” Or “One commentary reads…” Or “One Theologian said this…”  

Christians – especially now with social media, it is terribly easy to get entangled into this, from either side that we may be on. Even if we’re right, we can be wrong (or sin) in how we tackled it. As Paul commanded – we must walk circumspectly. After all of this, Voddie closes with this admonishment (but the closing verse was more convincing & convicting).

“So let us speak to the great ills, and evils, and sins of our day. Let us proclaim and trust in the Gospel of Christ. Above all else. And let us never ever forget, that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. And that we are all in desperate need of His grace. And that none of us is exempt.”

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