Sermon jam on ‘The danger of simply “Accepting Jesus into your heart,” by David Platt

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This pastor is correct, nowhere did Jesus say that. Too many ‘believers’ are hanging their hat of salvation on just one Bible verse (Romans 10:9,) which they’ve cut and pasted out of context. God doesn’t want His Word sound-bited. Even worse, they only understand this one verse in the modern day English, rather than its original Greek. Pardon my poor English, but it ain’t the same.

Last week a woman who alleged to be a Christian, as she walked into an abortion clinic; told the sidewalk counselor that she knew she was saved because she “accepted Jesus into my heart.” Jesus doesn’t want us to simply “accept” Him into our heart.

They have heretically reduced the Lord as if in into accepting a Facebook friend request. They follow Jesus like they follow friends on Twitter. Once we are saved by grace thru faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; We’re to worship, commit to, cleave to, abide to, and obey the LORD Jesus as the CHRIST (according to His Word.) We’re even to lay down our lives for Him if necessary. And when we do not, we are in sin and must repent.

Since I have not studied David Platt’s sermons in length, I cannot gave him a thumbs up across the board. But, I do appreciate this sermon excerpt. Pastor David, you’ve been tagged.

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