Awesome video on Soul Fishing, by Paul Latour

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The following preface is from my dear brother in Christ Paul Latour.

“SOUL FISHING. I so want to encourage fellow Christians who fear the act (duty) of sharing their faith in public by emphasizing the ease by which it can be done and done effectively. There are many ways to do street evangelism, some harder than others. This is one of easier ways but no less effective.

A deep love for God, a great sense of gratitude to Him for graciously saving you; love and concern for the lost like you once were; a love for the gospel message and a burning desire to “go out into all the world” (right where you are) and unashamedly stand out like a fool in the name of Jesus to share the Good News of salvation to those who need it are all necessary components to effective street evangelism.

If you are sensing a desire to obey the Great Commission, and/or are just curious as to what it can be like to be a public witness for Christ and His gospel in this particular way, check out this 5 minute video and ask yourself if God is really calling you to help make a difference in someone’s (eternal) life.

Note in the video that the ones who approach Christ’s ambassador to take a tract from or to speak with are those who are very likely souls who are actively searching for the truth but have yet to find it. That’s why gospel labourers, “fishers of men,” are needed.

You, too, can experience the joy and privilege of being used by God in the drawing of one’s heart to Himself. In some cases like this outreach, all you have to do is be there and “be prepared to give answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” – 1 Peter 3:15″

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