Black nor any Lives Matter @ Abortion Mill, Rome & Security 👶🏿

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Today was a busy day at this abortion mill (on a ‘kill day’). I was able to distribute many Gospel tracts and cry-out to those in the parking lot. And God interviewed with their security guard. He humbled himself allowing me to share the Gospel for about 15-20 minutes with him. Because of his humility and kindness, I redacted most of his conversation. That security guard at the next location was not treated with the same respect. God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud.

As usual most of the Roman Catholics did not like me there, and one of them was a mask Pharisee. But they all heard the Law & Gospel audibly and via tracts, as well as some strong rebukes. It appears that a majority of the women that were escorted inside, and left behind, were black women. Hence my comments.

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