C.S. Lewis, his ecumenicalism, religious pluralism, false teachings and heresies

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By God’s providence on this Lord’s Sabbath Day, this newly published video popped up on my Facebook feed. 

This video exposes some of the ecumenicalism, religious pluralism, false teachings, and heresies of C.S. Lewis. The Lord saved me out of Rome, and I don’t want to look back. However, it would be better to refer to the “catholic church” (as he calls it), Roman Catholicism.

If we want a healthy Christianity, we must do the following. Engage in Biblical apologetics (apologia) and polemics. Obey the hapax legomenon to earnestly contend for the faith (epagōnizomai) and sound doctrine (hugiainō). The Greek application means to struggle with intensity, to agonize as a combatant. And we do so out of love for our spiritual well-being and healthier church (1 Pet 3:15, Jude 3, Titus 2:1). As Paul Bunyan said, “Christianity: We can do it the easy way, or Gods way!”

Semper Reformanda!

DISCLAIMER: I sometimes share excerpts from various sermons (or videos) from various Christians. However, this does not mean I endorse all views of every person shared here or in other videos on their channel.

C.S. Lewis & Rome (His Connection to Catholic Clergy & Doctrine)

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