California Gov. Gavin Newsom as President? 🤣

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There’s speculation that Gavin Newsom the Governor of my previous state of Commifornia, whom I voted to recall, might run for President in 2024.

If the man does, and if (if) he wins, we Southern states must do more than join hands by raising our Confederate Statement Flags (CSF).

We must practice the principles of states’ rights and states’ sovereignty, etcetera. And our Governors and Sheriffs in the South must be prepared to invoke and practice the Tenth Amendment.

As a bondslave to Christ, and a states’ rights advocate, I refuse to be united with the United States of America.

Below is one of the Souths Confederate Statement Flags (CSF), in particular – the State of Tennessee.

“I found a flag for Tennessee using the three-star device from the center of the Tennessee state flag to replace the central star of the official confederate naval jack. These flags became popular in the South during the debates and arguments that began in 2001 over the 1956 Georgia state flag. In each case, the 1956 Georgia flag design was adapted to one of the former Confederate states by replacing the Georgia state seal with the seal or other prominent flag emblem from one of the states. The idea behind the flags following this pattern was to show support for and solidarity with the supporters of the 1956 Georgia state flag design.”

Randy Young, 22 January 2016,

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