China plans to install a military base 90 miles from America, and how the Church must respond

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The biggest military threat to America has been China, and now China intends to build a military base in Cuba, just 90 miles from the U.S.A. If this happens, this will undoubtedly be the beginning of the end of America as we know it today.

Because I have a Biblical worldview, not an American one. I believe the LORD might decree this as the beginning of a Chinese invasion. Why? Because we deserve it, and our military is weak and woke. As I’ve warned for years. From the highest levels of our legislative jurisprudence, America pridefully flaunts its national sins and lawlessness. And through all this, many professing Christians have the gall to demand that “God bless America!” Frankly, the judgment of God is inevitably due.    

As always. A solution is for the local and universal church to repent and become Biblically militant again. That more churches would send men out to boldly preach His glorious Law & Gospel out in this dying world. And as the Lord makes new converts, the church makes new disciples. And that more Christians would earnestly contend for the faith.

After 15 months in Tennessee, it is time to dust off my megaphone. That Lord willing, He would have me preach in the streets again, and at various venues. Pray for my wife and me as we are desirous of becoming members at a local church and are submitting to that process. But this post is not about me. Pray for your church and all the Heralds out there.

In the meantime, for churches considering emboldening their evangelism efforts. Below I have placed different videos from various outreaches, which will demonstrate different preaching styles and venues. More importantly, read, study, and apply the book of Acts, it’s still an open book.

Heralding at the Justice Center
Long lines of people @ Abortion Mill
Superior Courthouse
The Mexican Consulate
Confessions of a Serial Killer
Bus Depots
The Social Security Administration
Responses @ Federal building
Three Respond @ Bus Depot
Venice Beach Boardwalk
High Schools
Palm Springs
Dallas TX Train Station
Downtown Los Angeles
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Dept. stores during “pandemic” lockdown
Marijuana convention
Biblically applying Romans 13, in spite of police response
The Gospel @ Abortion Mill + a Divine Intervention

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