Churchgoers Must Register with the Government in Kansas City & What About House Churches?- Podcast #35

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“Kansas City, Missouri, officials are now requiring every church to submit a list of members and attendees along with their names, addresses and telephone numbers to city officials for tracking and surveillance purposes.”

 “I am running out of adjectives to describe how completely insane the tyrannical abuses launched by state governors and local officials against pastors and churches are becoming. It is as if these leaders never bothered to so much as glance at the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend. They seem to be governing from some make-believe, dystopian viewpoint.”

– Mat Staver of the Liberty Council

UPDATE – WARNING to my subscribers: POLITI-FACT has attempted to flag this video as “Partly false.” Don’t listen to them. This is Google – YouTube’s new effort to silence the truth, to discredit creators of videos, while promoting their leftist agenda. No PolitiFact, you guys are wrong here. This was in fact the new policy of that county, but they LATER changed their policy AFTER my video was published.

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