Debunking the Quid Pro Quo Transactional Tithing Arguments (Anthony Wade exposes & rebukes the false teachings of today’s unbiblical tithing)

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I say a big amen to this article.

Anthony Wade begins his article with,

The purpose driven, seeker-friendly industrial complex a cash making machine in the name of Jesus wink wink, to spread the “gospel” nod nod. While the mega churches of the day hold court through television ministries and book sales, the local church still relies on one of the oldest deceptions within the church, tithing. The big names like Robert Morris have written books on the subject to threaten and guilt the sheep of the Lord into emptying their wallets right into the bank accounts of these charlatans. To counter that I wrote a book debunking every single pro-tithing argument only using the bible, which is all we ever need.

Having said that, I have to say this. I appreciate his article enough to share it, but I disagree with the closing signature – the “Reverend Anthony Wade.” There is only one man that is “Reverend,” that is The Man Christ Jesus. Christ did not die for the godly (or “reverend”). He died for sinners (specifically His church). Brethren, there’s leaven and/or sin everywhere, including my own life, posts, and/or videos. But when we become aware of it, we must remove it, or repent from it.

And now the article

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