Denise McAllister on Godly Femininity & Masculinity – Podcast #15 (I later removed this Podcast, see below)

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Denise is a breath of fresh air, and a voice in the wilderness (to say the least.) In this Podcast, I include an excerpt from an interview that Eric Metaxas conducted with her.

After learning that Denise was terminated for her views against homosexuality, I decided to make the second half of this Podcast about another woman that’s becoming increasingly popular amongst our reformed brethren, and that is Rosaria Butterfield. While Denise McAllister has been persecuted for speaking against homosexuality, Butterflied befriends them (what a contrast).

I also include two videos of me witnessing to two different homosexuals, and that shamefully Butterfield would be opposed to that type of evangelism. And lastly, I share some of my personal experiences with feminism at abortion mills. 

RETRACTION: After I made this Podcast, I decided to follow Denise on Twitter. But that is when I decided to remove this Podcast. Many of her Tweets are consistently sexually inappropriate, and/or cause unnecessary confusion and division (the screenshot on the right is her most recent). But she (and her fans) justify it by calling those posts a “parody,” “sarcasm,” or “tongue & cheek.” Sadly many among the ‘reformed camp’ are engaging in crude sarcasm on the internet. But the Bible calls much of it the sinful “Coarse jesting” (Ephesians 5:4). Then to add insult to injury, she publicly vilifies those who respectfully call her out on it.

Here’s a good article I found on coarse jesting (not an endorsement of the author).

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