Dispensationalism – One of the Deadliest Doctrines today, a Podcast by Right Response Ministries 

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Thanks for your podcast, as I’ve said before.

I am a former Dispensationalist, and today I still have to fight against that former teaching. Dispensationalism is not just one error. Dispensationalism is the mothership that leads to many other errs. And saying I’m only a “leaky dispensationalist,” is tantamount to saying ‘I only have a little cancer.’ When an oncologist removes cancer, they don’t just remove cancer seen only on the surface of the skin. They surgically remove the root of cancer. And so that is how Dispensationalism must be treated, including “Leaky Dispensationalism.”

And, when Calvinists and Reformers accept, tolerate, and/or acquiesce to Leaky-Dispensationalism, they are enabling Dispensationalism. When they tolerate Arminianism (aka Semi-Pelagianism), they are negotiating with Pelagianism. Because a little leaven leavens the whole lump. Semper Reformanda!

Regarding MacArthur, as I’ve said before.

I do not believe MacArthur’s reopening of their church was true repentance from his lifelong false teaching of Romans 13, albeit the reopening of their church was beneficial to and for them. 

Sadly, today followers of John MacArthur are still calling him a “hero of the faith” because he reopened his church during Covid (after many months of closure). Fact. The minority of pastors that NEVER shut down their churches are not even heroes. As they faithfully did what was ordinarily expected, in always being obedient to God over “the authorities.” I don’t dislike MacArthur personally, but I dislike their sinful idolatry of MacArthur. God is a jealous God. Repent from worshipping celebrities, and fear and revere God.

DISCLAIMER: I sometimes share excerpts from various sermons (or videos) from various Christians. However, this does not mean I endorse all views of every person shared here or other videos on their channel.

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