Dr. Albert Mohler on youth ministries and age segregation at church (an 80 second video)

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Regretfully in the early nineties most of my churchianity was putting our own children into their own classrooms (segregated by age) during the regular church service. I spent ten years at one church, where children were not allowed in the sanctuary, not even from families that were visiting for their first time. If their parents did not want to place their children in the youth ministry, we (the ushers) were told to turn them away. Oh Lord, forgive me.

However as Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. said,

“Our churches should not be places where the adults cannot wait to put the children away, in order to get to the adult tasks of worship. One of the scandals of so much evangelicalism, is that we send people to their rooms as soon as we get to church…”

The church my wife and I are at today does have classes for children during our adult Sunday school, and the children do benefit from that. But during their main worship service, and evening service, everyone sits together. That’s a healthy balance.

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