Dr. Dan Stock delivers the most unequivocal compelling speech at a school board meeting regarding the errs of the CDC & the NIH; and that the school board should not be following their advice

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Though this Mt. Vernon public-school board is part of the world system, so naturally they would follow the advice of the world. But what troubles me much more, is that local churches are unnaturally following the advice of the world. I just learned a local Church in our mountain community is hosting vaccination clinics. They advised it’s being a “good witness.”

For professing individual Christians, I support their liberties of personal choice to be immunized, or not to be immunized. But when the church corporately joins hands with the world system hosting vaccination clinics on their property, that is unconscionable.

Individual Christians and the local Church ought to practice a Christian worldview, who are so set apart from the world system, that the lost world would say “what is it with those Christians, why are they so different, why are they not afraid?” But instead, emergent Churches preach that wearing a face diaper, getting inoculated, closing down their local Church, and/or hosting vaccination clinics are being a “good witness.”  🤮

An mp3 audio version is underneath the below video.

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