Dr. Sinclair Ferguson on ‘Which Comes First: Repentance or Faith?’ (a 2 ½ minute video)

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Sadly there are many professing Christians that actually complain against repentance. Two years ago an 18 year old kid from a church that I formally attended, that still lived at home with mommy and daddy, wrongfully stated in a video that I was a “false teacher,” because I preached repentance, and that I allegedly preached a “Lordship salvation.” Part of the problem is most of these people are either inexperienced, or intellectually challenged.

Our spiritually neutered men will say that my words are too harsh. But the Apostle Paul warned the church throughout the Scriptures, to not be “ignorant” (agnoeō). In the Greek this ignorance can actually become a ‘sin through mistake.’ Part of this kid’s problem, is he believed that the Bible was originally written in the King James English.

As I’ve stated before, repentance is not the cause of salvation, repentance is because of our salvation. It is granted vertically from the Lord, as it manifests itself horizontally. For there is no salvation without repentance.

But glory to God, the Lord has given men like Dr. Sinclair a brilliant mind. Enjoy this video.

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