Egalitarianism while equating Scriptures, Doctrine, or Theology to our favorite sports team

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One of the many churches we visited last year had much potential. But during Sunday school, I learned they capitulated to egalitarianism, and so I left. But before leaving, we had an impromptu debate. I used the Scriptures, and their Deacon used the history of the apostatizing SBC.

Today I ran into one of the men from that church. When asked why I have not returned, I told him. He then equated our doctrinal differences to this. “You’re probably a Dodgers fan, I’m a [snipped] fan,” and we can still enjoy each other’s company.

There’s part of the problem right there. When our view of the Scriptures, Doctrine, and/or Theology is equated to our favorite team, we have a sinfully low regard for what should matter the most.

I suppose had I told him that sports used to be my god, and I have not watched a ballgame since the year I was saved (1991), he’d really think I was a troublemaker.

I’m usually encouraged by the falling away, it’s a precursor to the Second Coming of Christ. But I don’t have the proper adjective to describe how disappointed, discouraged, and/or depressed I felt walking away from that conversation.

What this so-called “Bible Belt” must do, is repent before Jesus removes His lampstand (Rev 2-3). And we need to obey and practice the hapax legomenon to epagōnizomai – to earnestly contend for the faith.

Lord help me, and help Your church. Only by the grace of God so go I!

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