El Paso police officer Jared Lamb arrests open-air preacher Ryan Denton, for preaching the Gospel in the streets

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On December 20th 2017 the city of El Paso authorized a public event called, “A Drag Queen Christmas. The Naughty Tour.” This was an event where members of the homosexual community seized the opportunity to further commit blasphemy, by making a mockery out of a season that is generally set apart to honor the birth of Christ (though Christians honor Christ every day of the year). This is analogous to the homosexual community using the rainbow, as a mockery of one of God’s many covenants (Genesis 9).

Thankfully Open-Air preacher Ryan Denton of Christ in the Wild Ministries decided to legally stand on a public sidewalk, and preach the glorious Gospel. Though there are some Christians that specially target homosexual events, and sadly become more of a protestor rather than a proclaimer of the Gospel; but Denton is not one of them. Denton has a reputation of preaching sound doctrine, and to a diverse group of people.

However according to Denton, and the Christian News Network, the following occurred.

As Denton preached, those participating in this ungodly event called the police, and they lodged a complaint against Denton. Sadly for those of us that preach in the streets, this is a common experience (as almost everyone has a cellphone). But as Paul said, “The preaching of the cross is foolishness to those that are perishing (1 Corinthians 1:18). Therefore we should expect the police to respond.

But before I provide you with the link to this story provided by the Christian News Network, I want to discuss the police officer that responded, El Paso police officer Jared Lamb.

Officer Jared Lamb told Denton to stop preaching, but Denton respectfully disagreed because Denton was not violating the law. Denton even reminded Lamb, that the Bill of Rights (as well as Federal Case Law) assured him (Denton) the legal right to preach his message, in spite of the opposition. Long story short, officer Lamb unlawfully arrested Denton (A side note: Denton is handling this graciously, he’s not complaining, and is glorifying the Lord thru it all).

Interestingly, officer Lamb apparently professed to be a Christian, by telling Denton that he (Lamb) was “very active in [his] church.” Mr. Lamb, going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, no more than me entering a police station makes me a police officer. The Lord Jesus even forewarned that He will cast “many” false converts that “believed,” into the lake of fire (Matthew 7:21-23).

Officer Lamb you then made a comment to Denton, which I believe reveals a malicious heart towards Denton. After Lamb arrested Denton, Lamb stated, “You know who looks like the bad guy now.” So Denton is the “bad guy” here?

Officer Lamb I’m speaking directly to you now. Perhaps this is a bit of a rabbit trail, but it’s important to mention because this may be one of your problems.

Sadly the two Bible verses that are most frequently taken out of context, or inappropriately used within the law enforcement community are 1) Matthew 5:9, and 2) Romans 13:1-5. These ‘chapter and verses’ are often printed on police hats, t-shirts, and coffee cups, and are even used by secular police organizations. Romans 13:1-5 is also often read at police funerals. I’m only mentioning this, because perhaps this is a reason why your theology seems to be unbiblical.

As you know that passage rightfully tells that those who are in positions of civil authority i.e. police officers, that they are “ministers of God,” and that they are sent to punish the “evil doers.” However, that passage is often misunderstood or misapplied by police officers. Because if we do not warn those same police officers that if they are not truly born-again, that they themselves are ‘enemies of Christ, ‘haters of God,’ ‘sons of perdition,’ and ‘children of wrath’ (Romans 1:30, 5:10, Ephesians 2:3-5).

Romans 13:1-5 is all too often used by law enforcement, to make police officers feel like they were the ‘good guys.’ But frankly in God’s eyes, the unsaved Cop is no better than the unsaved Crook or Convict.

Officer Lamb perhaps you have a skewed view of Romans 13:1-5? Please understand that what Denton was doing was “good” and not “evil.” According to verse 3 Denton should have received your “praise,” not condemnation, and an arrest.

The ones practicing evil were those participating in this ungodly event. Though I understand that under our wicked nations ungodly laws, you could not arrest them for their sexually immoral activities, but why would you unlawfully arrest Denton instead? In direct contradiction to verse 4, you bared your sword in vain, which says “for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.”  Denton was not the one “practicing evil” here.

Officer Lamb you also told Denton “Man to man, you shouldn’t be preaching there [at the drag festival]. Just tell them Jesus loves them and move on.”  Lamb it seems that you do not understand the God of the Bible, nor the Scriptures, nor how to apply them. I am currently working on a sermon on Psalms 5:1-7.  Verse 5 speaks of God’s holy hatred of those that practice iniquity. Though I have not yet videotaped this sermon, I have made my preliminary sermon notes available. Please for the love and fear of God, read my preliminary sermon notes here.

Lastly, officer Lamb I implore you to ‘examine the Scriptures, and test yourself to see if you truly are in the faith (2 Corinthians 13:5). A good place to begin that examination process is by reading (studying) the first epistle of John. Because an intellectual ‘belief’ in Jesus is not salvific. An evidence of salvation is that you would have been granted repentance (2 Timothy 2:25–26), you would obey Gods Commandments (John 14:15-31), you would keep His Commandments (1 John 5:3), and you would obey His Gospel (2 Thessalonians 1:7-9).

Officer Lamb I would also encourage you to find a solid, healthy, Biblical Christian church, and allow yourself to be Biblically discipled by Christ centered, Gospel centered men. In the meantime, please read my post on ‘Are you good enough to go to heaven’.

Brethren please pray for officer Lamb, and please pray for Ryan Denton’s upcoming legal battle.

According to Ryan Denton, the below news story written by the Christian News Net, is “an accurate article on the event.”

UPDATE: 02/05/18: His arraignment is today.


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