Evangelized an LAPD – LAFD Annual Bar-B-Que, then Dodgers fans, then the Police Academy, and last but not least…

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Yesterday I responded to an invitation to an annual Bar-B-Que for retired Los Angeles Police Officers, and Fire Department personnel.

While driving to Los Angeles, so that I would maximize my effectiveness, I prayed specifically for ‘timing, and logistics.’ In other words, how does one guy cover so many, without missing a soul, or duplicating my tract distributions?

Once I arrived, I paid my $5.00 admission, received my ticket (#201), and slapped-on my ‘blue’ name tag (Fire Dept. was red). The turn-out was larger than I anticipated. One fellow told me they had sold 280 tickets.

I immediately saw the long lines of police and fire waiting to get their plates filled. So I began distributing my Gospel Tracts to those standing in line, as well as those already sitting down to eat. The timing and logistics were perfect, which enabled me to accomplish my goal (though I’m sure I missed a few).

Their food looked irresistible, but I began to think. While arriving at this location I noted that the Police Academy (next door) had an event going on, and the Dodgers Stadium (also next door), had lots of traffic due to a Dodgers game. So I looked at that wonderful food and their great reunion one more time, and then decided to leave this location on an empty stomach. That was a difficult decision. 🙁

I then evangelized the highly populated Police Academy, as well as Dodgers fans.

Once I finished planting all those Gospel Seeds, my stomach reminded me that I was hungry a long time ago. So since I completed so much fast-food fast-paced evangelism (aka Rapid Tract Distribution), I decided to go to In-N-Out Burgers in Alhambra. Yes In-N-Out, that’s what a hamburger’s all about!

However as usual, I evangelized the restaurant (I just can’t seem to restrain myself). Though I did not videotape the other outreaches, I did turn-on my cellphone camera for the In-N-Out Burger outreach.

Jesus said “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few” (Matthew 9:37), and I’m not complaining. 🙂

Music ‘Higher’ by Silent Partner.

Assertive In-N-Out Evangelism

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