Evangelized the 2018 Annual LAPD Memorial Ceremony, Los Angeles Police Academy

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Today I enjoyed attending this ceremony, honoring LA’s finest that have died in the line of duty. Once the ceremony was complete, and the officers, families and friends were dismissed, I began distributing my IPOC Gospel tracts.

Out of the many dozens of police funerals and memorials that I’ve attended over the decades, in almost all of them, their speakers (including pastors & clergy) almost always preach every officer into heaven, as well as every officer in attendance. Or they make the unsaved feel comfortable on their way to hell. Today every speaker that spoke about the officer’s eternal destiny, placed them all reuniting together in heaven (over 200 deceased officers).

That is why it is important to give them the whole counsel of God. These IPOC tracts are thorough consisting of over 1,800 words. Which give the lawmen the bad news (the Law), and the good news (the Gospel), both the goodness and severity of God, as well as much more. To see their content, click here.

By God’s grace I was able to distribute these tracts to Chief Charlie Beck, and his Command Staff that was present. I also gave tracts to LAPD rank and file, the FBI, LASD staff, various elected officials, various VIP’s, police chaplains, police widows, and their next of kin. One lady had her father’s LAPD serial number tattooed on her right upper arm. The media was interviewing her, but they missed that.

Music ‘War Machine,’ by Brian Tyler.

Additional below are ‘some’ of our videos of other police funerals & memorials etc.

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