Finally getting medical attention while refusing to wear a face mask

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Last June I made a Podcast about being denied medical services at a scheduled appointment because I refused to wear a facemask upon entering the doctor’s office. That appointment was important because my Cardiologist was to evaluate my heart, Pacemaker – ICD implant.

Many of us who fight for freedom have these stories.

Since Covid, and because of Covid, I have lacked the medical attention I should be getting. Today was my second attempt to enter the same facility, but this time to get a full blood panel done, which my primary care physician ordered.

Once entering the building, I was told by the receptionist to “put a face mask on” as she handed me a box of unused masks. To temporarily appease her, I took a mask and placed it in my pocket. Once I sat in the waiting room, a room full of masked patients kept staring at me, some seemed to be afraid.

When the phlebotomist called my name, she advised me to sit in the chair as she said, “I’m gonna ask you to put your mask on please!” Here is my response.

{Click here to listen}     

Frankly, I was expecting to be refused service (again). Being denied entry to a retail store is not that consequential, because I simply go to another store, or buy the product online. But being denied medical attention is consequential. 

The primary places in California today that strictly enforce facemasks are medical offices and hospitals. That is why I no longer serve as Clergy at one hospital. But today my phlebotomist was very respectful to my refusal, and she obtained her many vials of blood. And getting blood from these arteries destroyed by amiodarone isn’t easy. I thanked her for her great work and professionalism. 

At the beginning of Covid, I was pro-choice regarding facemasks. But after seeing videos of women being threatened, assaulted, and literally dragged out of stores for not wearing a mask, I knew I needed to man up and become an anti-masker, and have been ever since.

Since seeing those videos, we have read the many stories of employees being terminated for refusing to be Covid compliant. Critically ill patients have been denied organ transplants because they refused the Covid vaccination, as a result, some have passed away. Frankly, I call that homicide at the hands of medical professionals.

Fast-forwarding through various testimonies of Americans who have endured much hardship via medical tyranny, then comes Canada. It’s my opinion that our Canadian freedom fighters have proven to be stronger than most Americans.

The government in Canada has enacted the Emergency Act that threatens peaceful citizens who are protesting for freedom, as well as those financially supporting them. Some have been assaulted, beaten, others arrested. And now their government is freezing and/or seizing their financial assets, and have even threatened to kill their pets while they’re in the custody of the police state.

And so, my friends, though it’s not enough, the least we can do as Americans, is refuse to wear face masks.

The liberals and pacifists will wrongfully call you “disrespectful,” or that you’re “not loving your neighbor.” Frankly, forcing a person to put an effeminate hygiene product on their face, is extremely disrespectful and unloving. As a man, that’s the way I view the mask.  

If we’re not able to muster up the courage for something so simple, then we will never be able to stand in the bigger battles.

I’m sorry for rambling on so much about my appointment today. But I dreaded it because I thought I would be unsuccessful in getting my blood drawn for my essensial blood panel work.

Friends, don’t flinch in the face of adversity. Resist the face masks, the vaccines, the Covid tests; and resist the tyranny.

More importantly, as my Lord and Saviour Jesus said,

“Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will.” – Matthew 10:27-29

A side note: Today I did leave many Gospel tracts behind, and if you want to learn about a ‘liberty in Christ’ that no man can take from you, you are invited to read about it below.

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