From a slave to sin, to a slave to Christ – man tells me he’s never heard the things I said before

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At the end a professing Christian asked many questions. He attended a Salvation Army, which does not teach the whole counsel of God (far from it), but an easy believism – universal atonement. They even allow practicing homosexuals to be on leadership committees.

When the subject of ‘drugs and alcohol’ came up, he told me “I’ve never heard that before.” Twenty five years ago that would have been hard to believe, but today that is very believable. Nonetheless it appears the Lord was changing his mind. This was the Lord not me.

When an evangelist claims they are successful in getting a person to “change their mind,” they are plagiarizing the glory of God. Anytime a person changes their mind in regards to sin, or salvation, it is the Lord that accomplishes that, not man. Repentance (metanoeō) aka “to change one’s mind” or to “repent,” is a gift and work of the Godhead. God is a jealous God. Soli Deo Gloria!

Currently I am street preaching through the book of Hebrews at various locations. This morning I preached from Hebrew 2:14-18.

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