Graphic video of a man dying as he fights gunman / hostage taker, as he holds lady hostage

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Warning this is not easy to watch. But I share this as it displays the bravery of Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima risking his own life in attempt to save one lady hostage. Though his actions ‘may’ not have been necessary. It did provide the police with a greater window of opportunity to kill the suspect, and save the victim.

Interestingly, this shooting occurred at the front steps of a church building. I can never forget the day the Lord used me to intervene in a shootout at a church. However in my shooting, I did not step out because of my own bravery. It was a Divine intervention that the Lord used to crush me, and bring me to a salvific moment. The Lord used me to kill the suspect, preventing the deaths of the many intended victims; as He saved me from my sins. It was at that point in time, that I was radically changed by a radical God.

Soli Deo gloria! – Chaplain Bill 🙂

Additional: I chose this video because it shows a computer reenactment, and is the highest resolution available (great job). Having said that, the narrator is incorrect regarding his doubt whether or not this hero was shot by the hostage taker, or the police. Other video and photos clearly show that this hero was shot by the hostage taker.

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