Graphic video of twin infants dying, as hospital staff refuses to help them despite their mother’s pleas for help, as well as the babies cry for help

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This is difficult to watch. I could not imagine how this mother felt, and the pain she’s still enduring today, prayers up. According to the below Live Action web site ~

“In a heartbreaking video released by Created Equal, Amanda, the mother of premature twin boys Emery and Elliot, can be heard pleading for her sons’ lives. In June of 2017, Amanda was experiencing bleeding when she went to Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, at 22 weeks and two days gestation. Medical staff informed her that if her babies were born before 22 weeks and five days gestation, they would not resuscitate them. Three days later, at exactly 22 weeks and five days gestation, Amanda gave birth to Emery and Elliot, and though the boys moved, breathed, and even cried, the doctors still refused to help them.

“I pleaded with nurses and other hospital staff to help try to save my babies,” Amanda said in a statement. “I was told they would not survive. I asked if they would at minimum assess the babies after they were born to determine possibility of survival. I was informed NICU would not assess the twins and that the babies would probably be stillborn or at best breathe for a moment.”

Emery was born first. No doctors were present for his birth and although a neonatal doctor did arrive shortly after, he only wrapped Emery in a blanket and placed him under the heating lamp.

“You guys are gonna save him, right?” says Amanda in the heartbreaking video. “Promise me they’re gonna save him.”

I don’t know the laws in this state, but if the District Attorney isn’t interested, perhaps the State AG, or a County Grand Jury would be. Based on their existing law, I’m sure they would not conclude that this is a murder (1st, 2nd or 3rd degree), but it most certainly is either a ‘voluntary or involuntary homicide.’ I observed some comments from a Facebook friend that was formally employed at this hospital. Though she admits this is a terrible tragedy, she seems to make excuses for them. Nonetheless, If I were the plaintiffs (moms) attorney on the civil side, I would subpoena her as a ‘witness for the plaintiff.’ If the hospital is not “equipped” for this, then they are negligent. Either way, they need to change their policy, or shut down. Moreover, remove that Cross from their building.

I embedded the video here, but for more information, the Live Action article is below the video.

Twin infants die after hospital refuses to save them despite mother’s pleas


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