Graphic video of women kidnapped in Israel, and why Americans should resist anti-gun laws

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The citizens of Israel are supposedly a leader of the free world in being well-trained in preparation, self-defense, situational awareness, and tactical readiness. But the recent Muslim invasion inside their borders proves that not to be the case. 

Since yesterday, Muslims have taken hundreds of women and children from their homes. Many have been kidnapped, raped, tortured, murdered, and publicly paraded naked. So far, over 500 citizens have been killed, and more than 2,200 wounded. More news reports that Jihadists on paragliders descended into a music festival (here & here). The death toll there is not yet clear.

Forgive me for politicizing their tragedy. But we can learn from others deadly mistakes. Had our Jewish neighbors been well armed, they could have been victors rather than victims. This is why real men in America will never surrender a gun, a magazine, ammunition, and/or any gun accessories when told to do so because of unconstitutional laws. We must never take our Second Amendment for granted. As I’ve said for two decades, the citizens are the true first responders. And as Charlton Heston said, “from my cold dead hands.” Lastly, we need another president like General Dwight E. Eisenhower, who was for totally closed borders and total deportation of illegal aliens.

For my Theological position on the geo-political nation of Israel vs Israel the church, click here.

If the below video does not play in the embedded player, try here.

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