If the Politicians want un-constitutional wars, then let’s send them! This is how the wars will end! (a short documentary)

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Politically speaking, this guy is absolutely correct, and he’s objective. Over the years my own ‘views on war’ have changed greatly. And the more the Lord sanctifies me, the more my ‘views on America’ change. I am no longer “proud to be an American,” because God hates the proud (Proverbs 6:16-17; 8:13; 16:5). I no longer fly the American flag on our flag pole at home, but do the Christian flag. Theological speaking, there are wars mentioned in the Scriptures, that no one can prevent.

Having said that. Though Christians do benefit from the First Amendment (as you’ll see me disobeying the police here), we must be very careful to not allow the constitution to become idolatry, as it was written by “theistic rationalists.” The inerrant sufficient Scriptures must be first and foremost in a Christians life.

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