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Rather than a UTV with a dump truck bed for work on our homestead, we decided to go with this machine. We purchased the Razor XP 1000 Premium edition. I’ll be selling my car (which is in storage), and this will become my primary vehicle in the country, and my wife will still have her 4×4 truck as her primary. Ain’t that cool for Countryfolk, a truck and a Razor.

She is powerful, fast (70 MPH), and loaded. What’s nice about this, is she will be great for more than just work on the homestead. This will put us back into the off-roading world. My wife misses off-roading, and this will up the game.

We will have it licensed for the rural highways, and though it does have a nice storage area in the rear, it’s not enough to carry our tools and garden supplies on the property. So, we’ll get a utility trailer with a dump bed to pull behind it.

As we speak, she’s getting larger tires put on it, a roof, windshield, mirror, and turn signals. The turn signals integrate with the factory LED lights. When she arrives at her new home, I’ll install a gun rack and a ham radio. Will probably have an FCC ham radio “Emergency” license plate put on it. That way for EmComm purposes I will have lawful access to closures and/or evacuated areas during severe weather conditions, or other disasters. I’m calling the color theme the “Thin Blue Line,” and she’ll be flying that flag, as well as others. 

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