Josh Buice & Paul Washer’s application of Romans 13 was harmful to the Church – Podcast #53

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In this Podcast I discuss G3 Josh Buice and Paul Washer’s wrong application of Romans 13 during the COVID “pandemic.” And I give examples how I have Biblically applied this Text as a police officer, which includes praising one Church, while killing an assassin at another Church.

Remember church. It is not discernment when one can only “discern” the obvious error among blatant false teachers. Discernment is being able to see the compromise or err among those that you highly regard within your theological camp (or closer to it), coupled with the courage to apply it.

Since YouTube has temporarily suspended my account (due to vaccine related videos), I have uploaded this video onto Rumble, and have also provided an mp3 audio file underneath the below video. For a link to their original podcast on their own G3 Conference YouTube channel, where they continue promoting this teaching via that video click here.

“Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God!” – John Knox, Scottish Reformer

Update 08/29/21: The YouTube version has been uploaded.

Update 04/2022: G3 Conference, Josh Buice, retaliated by getting me another ‘strike’ from YouTube, more about that here.

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