Learning and discerning through my private study in Ephesians 5:1-21

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I’ve been doing a study on, and meditating on Ephesians 5:1-21, walking in love, the light & wisdom. Particularly because I want to walk more circumspectly, and better discern when I might be ‘in sin’ in regards to whom I associate with, or where to draw that line while walking amongst the unregenerate.

One of my many Bible commentaries, is Paul Baynes commentary on Ephesians. Baynes (1573–1617) was also known as the “Radical Puritan.”

Out of my decades of being born-again, like many other old dead guys, I have never heard a pastor exegete Ephesians 5 like this.

Brethren, the postmodern church has been infected and effected by a postmodern view of the Scriptures. Though the Word of God does not change, man’s view of the Lord’s Scriptures have. Even by some of our more solid Pastors. A solution to this progressive problem, is going back in time, and filling your shelves with ‘old-school’ academia. However my suggestion to you, is spend more time in the Bible than any other book, my Christian library is ‘academia focused.’ In other words, my books are all about the Bible. Books on Theology, Systematic Theology, Doctrine, Greek and Hebrew helps, Bible commentaries, etc. Books that give me a more accurate interpretation, understanding, and exegesis of the Bible. Having said that, none of the books in my library truncate or water down the Gospel.

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