Man arrested for molesting numerous boys inside the unbiblical controversial NewSpring Church in South Carolina – from alcoholism to child molestations

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Before you read this news article, I wanted to share some of my own thoughts. Bear in mind I have only read two articles, one by The Christian Post and the article below. I have done no further investigation. In the context of jurisprudence, the person in this article should be considered innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law. But in the context of ‘the church,’ he must be excommunicated.

The following are some of my own observations, and some solutions (or preventative measures) to this problem (including but not limited to).

  • Their former senior pastor Perry Noble was an alcoholic, and he fostered an unhealthy environment

Though the controversial Perry Noble no longer works there. One would wonder if their remaining staff or leadership is sober or not. See my video teaching about elders being “given to wine (or alcohol). Many sins, and unwise decisions are a direct result of intoxication.

  • This “church” is way too large

This “church” prides itself on having over 30,000 members. If the pastor does not know every congregant by name, it is impossible to be a Biblical and healthy church.

  • The type of “backgrounds” this church uses are not reliable, nor credible.

As a retired California State licensed private investigator (lic. #23442) I’ve had many companies, churches, and/or non-profits attempt to hire me to do their back grounds. But I refused, because the pre-employment screenings done according to the low standards of our legislators, and Federal Credit Reporting Act are incredulous. When I told potential clients that they are risky and litigious, and the only way I would do them is if they were accompanied with some good old fashioned gumshoe detective work; they did not want to pay for my services. But hey when these “churches” and companies pay an average of just $20 for each pre-employment screening, you get what you paid for. They’re not legitimate investigations, and are fostered by a high volume, low profit Walmart – Costco mentality. And even if a person does not have a criminal conviction, that does not mean they are not actively engaging in criminal activity. Beyond the criminal record check, a thorough investigation of their character, conduct, and reputation should be completed.

  • If these allegations are true, did the “church” know that he was a homosexual?

If so, he should have never been allowed to volunteer. Furthermore, according to the Scriptures, anyone professing to be a Christian that practices sexual immorality shall be excommunicated. If the “church” knew this, but did not remove him from their “church,” this is more evidence of negligence and civil liability towards the pending law suit.

  • Consecrate your pastors, elders, and lay persons

As I’ve said many times before. Never should a pastor, elder, lay person, or volunteer be alone with a woman or a child. If you know one that desires to do this – either run, or watch him closely (but if they’re alone, you can’t watch him).

This is yet another reason why local churches should not have unbiblical youth groups / youth ministries. They are not found in the Scriptures, so why have them. The children ought to be sitting under the exact same teaching as their parents. And never under another men whom desires to baby sit them.

And last, but not least.

  • Giving credit where it is due, being objective and non hypocritical

Though I strongly disagree with the ecclesiology and doctrine of NewSpring Church, at least they did their own internal investigation; and then reported their findings to the police. Furthermore, it is not only important for Christians to be truthful, it is equally important to remain objective and non hypocritical. And so I say this. Though the Roman Catholic religion has been infiltrated by pedophiles, and AIDS infected priests, and yes they have participated in blatant cover-ups, performing their own ‘clandestine relocation’ of pedophile priests. But sadly I cannot think of one protestant denomination that has not been victimized by a child molester (from the inside), and that includes my own denomination (by a now convicted pastor). No matter who you are in your church, and no matter what your position may be (or not be), we must oppose and expose this evil for what it is. If your leadership sweeps it under the rug, go to the police yourself and file a police report (Ephesians 5:1-21). And shame on any denomination (or association) that would cover it up. The local church must take heed, lest she falls.

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