Morningland Dairy raided and another Christian family business destroyed 01/25/13

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This is our new America. I sure loved the owners stellar witness, as he boldly shared the Gospel to the state. A few weeks ago when it was applicable to the Scriptures while preaching thru Proverbs, I shared that the Government will use the U.S. Supreme courts affirmation of the State seizing our properties (aka ‘eminent domain’,) to seize the churches in the end of end times.

I am not a prophet, but I’m sure large churches would make great housing facilities (jails) for Christians. But don’t’ be dismayed, these are exciting days for us. Don’t be a sell out to the world through compromise, be sold out to Christ. Be ready in and out of season. Be ready for the rapture. Pray for this family, their business, and their friends that stood by with them. We love you much!

Update 01-28-13: Two additional videos have surfaced, and have been added below. In all fairness to Lt. Al Jones, it would have been difficult for me as a cop, to have that camera close up on my face. I’m glad I was a policeman before this camera / YouTube era.

Howell County Sheriff Lt Al Jones and his Deputy use scare tactics to intimidate law abiding citizens

Four out of five Howell Co. Sheriff deputies refuse to answer gun confiscation question. Only one deputy stated that he will defend his oath of office


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