My response to a survey for a medical procedure in Tennessee, refusing a face mask

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I recently had a medical procedure performed at a medical center in Tennessee. A few days later I received the following email from their CEO.

“Dear William,

You recently visited [name snipped], and your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please take a few minutes to answer a brief survey and share your thoughts about your recent visit. Your input will help us to understand what we do well and what we can do better. If you have received this email regarding a child’s visit, please complete the survey on his or her behalf.

To ensure confidentiality, this survey is administered by an independent third-party, Press Ganey Associates LLC. Your participation will help us to improve the quality of care that we provide to you, your family, friends, and neighbors.”

The following is some of my input into that survey.

First, I thank you for the much-appreciated medical services you provide to our community. And thank you for asking me to fill out this survey.

Throughout this survey, I gave high scores. The only area I gave low scores was the “registration” portion.

One of the reasons I moved from California to Tennessee, was to escape the unnecessary political and medical tyranny that citizens were subjected to. I resisted that tyranny in California, and I’ll be darn if I tolerate the same in Tennessee, one of the “five freest states.”

The receptionist at your lobby entrance handed me a face mask and told me to put it on. Ironically her nostrils were fully exposed, but I didn’t mind.

This was the first time in Tennessee I’d been told to put a face diaper on. But there’s a masculinity crisis in America, and sadly even among its Christendom. Henceforth, I refused to obey her orders to put an effeminate hygiene product on my face. And so, I tossed the mask she gave me and pressed on without it. Thankfully the employees inside respectfully left me alone.

Our liberal media, most politicians, the government, and even some medical professionals have either lied, or exaggerated about the dangers of Covid, and Covid protocols. Furthermore, President Biden recently declared that the so-called “pandemic is over!”

As a former pastor in California, the most locked-down State in America, we never once closed the doors of our church for Covid or “the authorities.” When members of our church were home sick with Covid, I visited them at their homes, and without a face mask. And when I was not tending to church matters, I preached the Gospel at many Covid testing centers and “essential” businesses during our stay-at-home lockdown. 

Pacifists will call this arrogant, metrosexuals will call it “not nice,” and feminists will call it “toxic masculinity.” Nonetheless, that courage and conviction were given to me by God. And the Scriptures command Christians to fear Him that can kill both our body and soul, not man (or a virus) who can only kill the body. 

Since medical and scientific research have proven face masks to be ineffective for Covid, I encourage you to either throw them away. Or, you can give them to me, and I’ll use them to clean up after our dogs. 

Regretfully I wore a face mask at the beginning of Covid, at some venues up to March 2020. But by God’s grace, He granted me courage and repentance. Henceforth I resist the masks, vaccines, and even the Covid tests.

Lastly, I believe the only reason God decreed me to live after three full cardiac arrests, was to glorify Him and share His glorious Law & Gospel. Therefore, please read, repent, and obey the Gospel that I shared throughout your medical center. Soli Deo Gloria!

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