My sermon on the corrupt & dead church & the feminization of men in the church throughout America

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Below is my audio sermon from last nights service. It is an expository teaching thru Revelation Chap 2:18 thru Chap 3:6. Jesus’ letters to the church of Thyatira (the corrupt church,) & the church of Sardis (the dead church.)

Additionally, I spoke about the castration and the feminization of men in the church throughout America.

Taking a look at Jesus (God) as the great Forensic Pathologist / Medical Examiner, whom wants to revive our bodies. The right & wrong way of using the acramin WWJD. Then briefly turning the pulpit into a confessional. Bill Rhetts

Revelation Chapter 2:18-29 to Chap 3:1-6 - by Bill Rhetts     
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My sermon jam on Galatians 3:28 (Its proper context, feminism in the church, & the false doctrine of Egalitarianism)