No, I’m not going to wear your muzzle, and quit treating us like lepers 🛑🚫

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Disclaimer: This was not written to everyone who chooses to wear a mask. In that regard, I am pro-choice. It is written to mask Pharisees that demand everyone else to wear one. If you choose to wear a mask, that is fine, but leave those of us that choose liberty over an unconstitutional tyranny alone. No one has the authority to put a muzzle on Christ’s bride. They told the Jews “Here, wear this colored patch,” and the sheeples put them on. But not this sheepdog. This mask phenomenon is about more than a virus, and so my statement.

100% of the human race is infected with the sin virus, and 100% of them will die because of that infection of sin. 32,730,945 people worldwide have contracted the CoronaVirus, but only a small percentage of them will die from the virus.

But sadly today, a majority of professing Christians seem to be more worried about catching the Coronavirus, than they are tending to their souls or giving the remedy to the lost who are fatally infected with sin. One of the purposes of the Church is to equip, send, go, stand, and speak (or preach). And to warn the world of their original sin, and that they need to be saved from their sin. And we do this so that they may know Him. Another purpose of the Church is to instruct each other, so that we may know Him more.

It is past time for local Churches and professing Christians to repent from their faithlessness and fearfulness and return to their normal Church activities, which includes sharing (or preaching) the Gospel in the streets. It is also past time for professing Christians to quit treating Christians who have always congregated with their local Church throughout this “pandemic,” and who has always taken the Gospel into the streets, as if they were lepers. We’re not lepers, we’re ambassadors of Christ. Don’t be afraid to touch us, and don’t expect us to put a muzzle over our mouths.

Lastly, after seeing multiple news accounts and videos of people being assaulted or beaten for not wearing a mask in public, I share the below video of a recent arrest. Also watch Pastor Matt Trewhella’s sermon here.

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