Our Federal injustice system arms enemies while disarming citizens

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Before my time, the leadership of America began spending billions arming other countries, and some of those weapons have been (and will be) used against us.

In our new millennium, we learned our Federal injustice system engaged in gunwalking, aka the fast & furious gun scandal. Whereas our citizens and police later were killed with those guns.

But ironically, that same Federal system (and some states) are continually incrementally unarming or restricting their own citizens’ gun rights. That is another reason I support the Confederacy, from my cold dead hands. 

A solution to this problem is to resist tyranny by invoking the reformed doctrine of the lesser magistrate and voting accordingly. Which means I shall not vote for Republicans that compromise in this regard.

Vote for a Sheriff that has the courage to invoke this doctrine, as well as the Tenth Amendment. Regretfully I later learned that my vote for Governor Bill Lee unwittingly contributed to this problem.

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