Our septic tank is compacted, and the ‘drain field lines’ might poop on us

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Just one week ago we moved into our home, and we did not know for certain the exact location of our septic tank and drainage field system. This was important so we would know where not to dig or drive, as we begin our work. We were also told by the inspector who did the home inspection for escrow that there was a minor leak under a sewer line.

We called Ken’s Septic Service and Ken was very helpful. Since we did not know the history of this home’s septic service, he agreed that they would have their team respond. Jason and Garret arrived at our property.

They quickly located and identified our tank and drain field line system, and they began their work. After some digging, they removed the cover, and that’s when we learned it was 100% full of solid waste, all the way to the lid. Had they not come out then to do their proactive measures, our showers, tubs, toilets, and sinks would surely have been backed up within days.

Since this is our first septic tank, this experience was very beneficial. Jason educated me as they pumped it out. One of those tips was never put toilet paper in the toilet. We already knew to not put regular toilet paper in the toilet, but he was referring to the so-called septic friendly brand. We will immediately implement that change.

We also learned how allowing the solids in a tank to be full and so compacted can cause permanent damage to the field system. Within two months we will know if that needs to be replaced or not.

Jason and Garrett placed a riser on the tank and even gave us our choice of sizes. We chose one that would protrude a few inches above ground level. They also installed a clean-out for our RV dump.

After their above reproach customer service, Stephanie handled the billing over the phone. We’ve already marked our calendar reminding us to call them in a few years for another service, that is if the field system is sustainable.

Thank you, Ken’s Septic service!

Update: On Jun 13th I noted our water was backing up in the kitchen. I removed the lid from of aforementioned newly installed riser, and it was over-filled again.

Ken’s Septic came out and emptied it again. They were impressed that this time there was zero toilet paper in the tank, as we followed their advice to not discard paper down the toilet. Since we now knew our field line system was clogged, Ken referred Richard Mercer with A1 Construction. Richard, Dan, and another young man installed our new field lines. Richard also went under our home and did the replumbing that was necessary to make our septic system healthy. I appreciated these men. They did great work and were a pleasure to have around.

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