Pastor & his wife commit blasphemy during “church service” + more evangelism plans – Podcast #19 😥😮🤐😯😪

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I don’t know how a true convert can watch the video excerpt of this “church service” without becoming righteously indignant, or convicted. Or perhaps even shed a tear.

Though this Podcast was not about Allie Beth Stuckey, but she came to mind while producing it. Many of my fellow reformed brethren will not agree with my comments about her. But truth is, she has a lot of influence among young people, and new believers, so we need to call this out. To name just a few of these serious continual errs.

In the name of her pro-life and/or republican platforms, she is a continual compromiser. She partners in agreement with Roman Catholics. She teaches a universal atonement, and she loves worldly things such as the “pop culture.” In another video, she wrongfully taught that the Bible claims Christians are not to “judge people,” nor “condemn” them, when the Bible clearly says that we are to judge people (Biblically), and the unregenerate are already condemned; hence we must warn them. She has called their wicked sins “mistakes and erroneous thought processes.” And has even implied that a person is redeemed simply because they “moved over to the pro-life side.” Etcetera etcetera! All of that I saw while watching only four of her videos.

I also shared my past errs regarding this unbiblical universal atonement. Only by the grace of God, so go I. Semper Reformanda!

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