Pastor Jeff Noblit from Grace Life Church explains why they are separating themselves from the SBC

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Though I wish this did not have to be, this is great news, and we need to see more of this. The Southern Baptist “Church” has deteriorated so badly, that I believe it would be ecumenicalism, and possibly even sin to continue an association with some of them.

In this video Pastor Jeff Noblit tells why he, his Elders, and their church will be fleeing from the SBC. Which includes but is not limited to, the SBC adopting intersectionality & critical race theory, egalitarianism, the endorsement of false teachers and heretics, and their disdain for the essential Doctrines of Grace.

UPDATE: Since this video, there has been a continual increase of acquiescing to the homosexual agenda, egalitarianism, the WOKE philosophy, the social justice gospel, and critical race theory. Most recently one of their SBC seminaries vowed to give millions of dollars as monetary reparations to their black students.

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