Pastor Tim Conway addresses some of his congregation for “flaunting” their alcohol consumption online, while at a party

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It was a blessing to see this on my subscription feed today. We need more pastors (and Christians) that are willing to take unpopular stands like this. Only by the grace of God did He deliver me from alcoholism, and I pray to never return to the bottle (or can). Lord help me to semper paenitens.

Though some have liberty in this area, some do not (I do not, I am a former alcoholic). Fact is, in many cases it can be a sin to drink, even without being “drunk” as we know that word today. The following are some of them,

  • Are you drinking against the conviction of the Holy Spirit?
  • Does it cause others to stumble (Remember what Jesus said about that?)
  • Does it bring an offense to a brother or sister?
  • Does it cause you to commit sins (or crimes,) that you would not have, had you not been drinking?
  • Does it harm your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit?
  • Are you addicted?
  • Does it affect or alter your mind like drugs?
  • Is it destroying your marriage?
  • Is it destroying your testimony?
  • Does it make you methusko? The word “drunkard” in 1st Cor. 6 is this Greek word methusko, which is an ‘inceptive verb.’ In other words, just the process of becoming drunk is metusko.

Lastly, to insinuate the wine at the wedding was like today’s highly intoxicating wine, or that Jesus was a “bartender” (or a winebibber), and that He intoxicated partygoers as they do at weddings today, is very dangerous ground to be standing on. And when we are not sure, as another said, “it is better to err on the side of interpretive restraint, rather than interpretive excess.” Though I appreciate the liberties the Lord has given me (that others might not have), I appreciate even more the convictions He has given me. Let us walk circumspectly.

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