Pastors and the public school system are offering back-to-school prayer specials

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I’m not criticizing prayer, as Paul said pray without ceasing. And Christians are to be ready in season and out of season. But it looks like pastors and the public school system are having back-to-school prayer specials.

They even post photos of pastors and professing Christians touching the doors and doorknobs of classrooms as they pray.

I understand the Biblical principle of the Elders laying hands on the sick as they pray. But the efficacy of placing your hand on the doors is tantamount to touching the beads on a pagan rosary. It looks like it came right out of a script from the word of faith, name-it claim-it, whatever you touch movement.

Oh, if only I knew then, what we know now about the public school system.

Nonetheless, today my prayer would be, “Lord shut these schools down. Convict the parents of sending their children to be taught by the government, and to teach them at home.”

In the meantime, I am thankful for the Heralds that do go to public schools to pray for and toil the soil, as they loudly herald the Law and Gospel.

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