Podcast S1 Ep. 5 – My response to a question about Christian books – My answer goes against the status quo 💘

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In this episode I responded to a question, “Apart from the Bible, what book shaped you the most…? My answer goes against the establishment, and won’t be received well by some. I also explain how burning books can be Biblical, how we mustn’t boast in man or his books, how books must not negate our responsibilities to Biblical discipleship, and how God kills some men that do not give Him the glory.

I hope my message (and tone) came across as balanced. But the truth is, even good things can become idols. Today’s golden calves can be smart phones, and even our grandchildren if we’re not watchful.

Though I failed to mention this, I wish authors would not re-edit old writings. As I stated on Twitter –

It’s one thing when authors re-edit old writings into a postmodern English (aka history revision). But it’s another when they say they do this so the “novice” can understand it. This is where their Ph.D. becomes conceded and condescending, assuming that we’re all inexperienced.

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