Preached Does “God love you and have a wonderful plan for your life?” – and a special appearance from the co-founder of IPOC

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This morning while getting ready to preach at the DMV, I ran into a dear old friend Michael A. Baker. Back in the 1990’s Michael was the Vice President of IPOC.

Then after being despised by the State (DMV employees), I went to the Social Security Administration (the Feds) to preach more effectively in a better environment. One lady in line kept gently disagreeing with me (see gentleness isn’t always good). Then another fellow (whom I mentioned in my sermon) was exhorted to evangelize. He’s a well-spoken man, and should do well (Lord willing). Then one man seemed fairly close to responding to the Gospel call (notice I did not help him “make a decision”). I also engaged in several fruitful private conversations with others.

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